RAA Arbitration Seminar & Networking

By February 9, 2023 Events

Date: 17 February 2023
Venue: Dubai, UAE
Working language: English

RAA along with Masin and other sponsors, brings together practitioners from Russia and the Middle East to discuss today’s most relevant issues in arbitration.

Happy to announce our Speakers! We will add more soon!

Dr. Habib Al Mulla, Executive Chairman, Habib Al Mulla & Partners. Details -> https://arbitration.ru/events/conference/raa-arbitration-seminar-networking/speakers/dr-habib-al-mulla/

Dr. Ismail Selim, Director, Cairo Regional Centre for International Commercial Arbitration (CRCICA). Details -> https://arbitration.ru/events/conference/raa-arbitration-seminar-networking/speakers/ismail-selim/

Karim J. Nassif, Principal, Nassif Arbitration. Details -> https://arbitration.ru/events/conference/raa-arbitration-seminar-networking/speakers/karim-j-nassif/

Khawar Qureshi KC, Head of McNair International. Details -> https://arbitration.ru/events/conference/raa-arbitration-seminar-networking/speakers/khawar-qureshi-kc/

Khvalei Vladimir, Chairman of the RAA Board, Partner Mansors. Details -> https://arbitration.ru/events/conference/raa-arbitration-seminar-networking/speakers/vladimir-khvaley8291513/

Prateek Jain, Partner, Masin. Details -> https://arbitration.ru/events/conference/raa-arbitration-seminar-networking/speakers/prateek-jain/

Prof. Dr. H. Ercüment Erdem, Founder and Senior partner of Erdem & Erdem. Details -> https://arbitration.ru/events/conference/raa-arbitration-seminar-networking/speakers/prof-dr-h-erc-ment-erdem/

Seminar participation is free of charge and by invitation only


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