Litigation/Arbitration sometimes becomes necessary to resolve construction, engineering, architectural or materials-related disputes. The engineering and construction disputes often involve complex issues under dispute, which requires expert testimony. We have professional experts have in-depth experience in undertaking expert witness services in international arbitration as per the IBA guidelines.  We have been involved as experts in several Indian and international arbitration as independent experts providing expert reports on delay, technical matters and quantum. Our work as independent expert involves preparation of independent expert reports, rebuttal reports, joint expert reports, Scott schedule etc. 

Rebuttal reports may also be required to critique the reports of other experts engaged by the other party. In addition, some arbitrations require that opposing experts meet to attempt to narrow the issues and issue a joint report. Our experts have acted as independent witnesses in several institutional and ad hoc arbitrations and disposed/cross-examined before the tribunals. 

We also assist as in-house consultants to our clients for arbitration/litigation works. The typical tasks assigned to us during arbitration or court proceedings include:

  1. Develop Requests for Arbitration
  2. Develop Detailed Memorials/Statements of Claim for Arbitration
  3. Develop Detailed Responses and Counterclaims/Statement of defence
  4. Assist with Settlement Negotiations
  5. Prepare Presentations for Use at Mediations/ADR forums
  6. Assist with Developing Document Requests from Opposing Party-Red Fern process
  7. Assist with Developing Deposition Questions for Opposing Witnesses
  8. Assist with Developing Interrogatories
  9. Assist with Preparing Witness Statements
  10. Prepare Issue and Event Timelines
  11. Prepare Graphics for Technical Issues/Delay issues
  12. Prepare Multimedia Graphics Presentations for Use at Trial or Hearing
  13. Prepare Document Indices
  14. Attend Depositions as Requested by Counsel
  15. Perform Other Tasks as Requested by Our Clients
  16. Act as in-house experts and dispose