MASIN provides construction and engineering claims analysis and expert testimony services. Our experts have a wealth of experience in identifying, analyzing, preparing, and presenting claims and disputes on construction and engineering Projects. We quantify damages, prepare full and detailed claim related reports with back up techno-commercial justifications, assess values, prepare formal reports and provide oral evidence for a wide variety of claims and disputes including breach of contract, extra works, tort and breach of treaty obligations.

Our team members regularly serve as expert witnesses before clients, courts, tribunals and other decision-making bodies. In these forums, we provide articulate, relevant and reliable testimony on matters of fact or opinion. Our familiarity with all aspects of the technical matters, contractual issues, litigation and arbitration process enables us to help clients plan and implement appropriate dispute resolution strategies and increase their profitability. Following tasks are performed as part of our construction claim services work:-

  • Prepare Contractor’s Claims and Owner’s Counter-Claims documents/folders
  • Undertake assignments from start to end for claim dispute management for contractor/owners
  • Prepare Detailed Damages Analysis
  • Claims for specifications/contract deficiencies
  • Assess Owner’s Responsibility for Direct Cost Issues
  • Assess Responsibility for Quantity Overruns
  • Assess Contractor’s Responsibility for Performance Problems
  • Assess Responsibility for Unresolved Change Order Requests
  • Allocate Contractor’s Delay Costs
  • Analyze and Allocate Loss of Productivity Man-hours and Costs
  • Assess Liquidated/Actual Damages
  • Undertake discussions with the stakeholders & bring the claim to its conclusive outcome.
  • Schedule Delay Analysis for allocating culpable and non-culpable delays
  • Mediation/Tech-legal services