S. No. Articles
1. India is set to Become the Third Largest Construction Dispute Market
2. Dispute Resolution in India in Light of the New Arbitration Act of 2015
3. Claims due to Changes in Taxation Regime (GST) for Construction Projects
4. Prospective  Vs  Retrospective Delay Analysis
5. Role of Experts in Construction Disputes & Arbitration – Published by Lex Witness Vol.9 (June 2018)
6. Insight of An Independent Expert in Construction Disputes & Arbitration – Published by Dossier Construction , Jun-Aug 2018 Edition
7. Fair Assessment – Published by Oil & Gas Review, June 2018 Edition
8. Concurrent Delay in Construction Dispute – Published by Lex Witness Vol.10 Issue 2 (September 2018)
9. Prolongation Claims in Construction Projects
10. COVID-19: CONSTRUCTION FOCUS – Insight on Best Claim Practises for Contractors
11. Insight on Handling Complexities of Claims & Arbitration – Published by Dossier Construction Jul – Sep 2021
12. Masin Introduction – The Expert Witness, August 2021
13. Concurrent Delay – The Expert Witness, October 2021
14. Challenges in Expert Evidence  in Memorial Style Pleadings  in the Arbitration – The Expert Witness, December 2021
15. Notification Requirements  in Construction Contracts:  An Expert’s Viewpoint – The Expert Witness, February 2022
16. Delay vs Disruption: Know your claim? – The Expert Witness, April 2022

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