8th Biennial Conference on “Construction Projects from Conception to Completion“

By January 11, 2023 Events

Date: 16 – 18 March 2023
Venue: Hotel De Roma, Berlin, Germany

Masin is proud to be an Associate Conference Sponsor of the 8th Biennial Conference on “Construction Projects from Conception to Completion” presented by the IBA International Construction Projects Committee of the International Bar Association

What will be discussed?

  • The importance of the applicable law. How far do lawyers from civil law and common law backgrounds view the same construction law issues differently?
  • Constructive acceleration.
  • Jurisdictions of interest when defending calls against on-demand bonds.
  • Reinvigorating independence in expert evidence.
  • Addressing high volumes of low value claims in construction arbitration.
  • When it all ends in disaster…

For full details including registration information and “Early Bird Discounts” please follow this link https://www.ibanet.org/login/checkout


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