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July 2021

Termination/Bank Guarantee Encashment in Construction contract

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Termination/Bank Guarantee Encashment in Construction contract

Masin organized the webinar where Masin CEO, Rohit Singhal was joined by Adv. Ali Ismael Zarooni, Founder and Managing Partner, Horizons & Co., Shourav Lahiri, Barrister, Atkin Chambers and Rishabh Jogani, Partner, MRP Advisory. The webinar focused on remedies under UAE law for unlawful termination and encashment of bank guarantees. You may view the webinar by visiting the given below link:

Date:  15th July 2021

Qatar Business Law Forum

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Qatar Business Law Forum

The Qatar Business Law Forum on 24th November 2021 is the only conference dedicated to Qatar business law. We are proud to inform you that Masin will be speaking on “Construction Arbitrations in Qatar” and Masin is supporting the event as a sponsor.

Symposium on Construction Disputes/Arbitration

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Symposium on Construction Disputes/Arbitrations

Masin organized an exclusive series of 5 webinars focusing on Construction Claims/Disputes & Arbitrations in India on 5th & 6th July 2021. It was a successful event with more than 4,700 attendees. Given below is the schedule of the Symposium along with the link to view the recording:

5th July 2021:

Sessions 1: COVID related construction claims – Industry / legal perspective –

Sessions 2: Unlawful Termination/Encashment of bank guarantees in Construction Contracts –

Sessions 3: Exclusion clauses which bars time and cost claims in Construction Contracts –

6th July 2021:

Sessions 4: Quantification of claims/counter claims in Construction Contract –

Sessions 5: Delay, liquidated damages and prolongation cost claims in Construction contracts –